School of Lust

Watch full-lenght video in HDV quality!The teachings of pain, the leaders of this hellish world are always looking for new students to teach. They managed to discover Juki, who reluctantly allowed herself to be one of their new students' first victims. They brought her forth tied and gagged, waiting for her first movement. The students had Juki bound standing up allowing for easy access to all the parts that interest those sorts of people. They separated her legs, giving full view to all the sweet juices flowing out of her rosy flower, begging for pleasure. The student obliged by not only inserting a sextoy into her vagina, but also into her anus as well, violating a hole never meant to do so. After this they had her on her knees along with another willing tool, giving blowjobs and receiving enemas, to clean out the bawdy bitches.

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